I can haz knitting? Oh yes!

I have finally finished my MiL’s socks: started several months ago. A tricksy pattern by Cookie A called Bex, with an awful lot of twisted stitches. This pattern eats yarn – I ended up giving the socks contrast toes.

With the leftovers, I’m making myself some Froot Loop socks. Much simpler. Perfect commuting knitting. The repeat was memorised after the first round, and they’re whizzing along.

I’m also happily faffing with some Sashiko stitching. Much simpler than the various samplers I’ve been doing. Embroidery is a Good Way to fill in those moments at work where I’m waiting 3 minutes for a process to complete, and if I go onto something else, I’m likely to fail to go back to check the process. A surprising amount of running stitch (or any other stitch) is possible in those minutes. I managed two embroidered pictures for LK’s birthday between returning to work in April and her birthday in July. All in snatches of time.

Running wise – it’s been so up and down. So many runs in the middle of the day, when it’s boiling hot, and my strength feels utterly sapped. So much inability to run at a sensible pace, as suggested by my coach. I always set off too fast for intervals. Some nice evening runs (but I need to run them before supper, not after – even if supper is at 4pm and the run is at 8pm…), although the last one got darker and darker and I had to abort my planned route along the canal in favour of the road. I did not feel safe, from the perspective of being able to see where I was going, or from the perspective of meeting someone undesirable (although, frankly, who spends their evenings lurking on a canal to see if some random female runs past? I encountered cyclists, dog walkers and pot-bestrewn fishermen having a barbecue). So the run was half a mile short, and a bit slower than I might have liked, but it did happen and the part that happened during daylight was lovely.

It’s been ages since I’ve been outside after dark. Normally we’re in bed by about 9.30pm. LK likes an early start. Although this week she’s preferred to sleep in until 6.30am.