Poor little LK. She’s one of the few babies who reacts to her one year vaccinations (and there were four of the things!) by having mild measles. This last week has been a plethora of temperature, rash, grouchiness (so much grouchiness), extra days off work for me and generalised unhappiness. In addition to my compressed hour Thursday, I had to take Tuesday afternoon and all of Friday, as N wasn’t really able to not work – he had Disaster Recovery testing. Never mind that my entire job is essentially Disaster Recovery, he had to go to King’s Cross to sit in a windowless room while they broke stuff, and had a different sort of DR testing owing to DR testing breaking the live system. Which I guess is why you test. I digress.

LK has not been a happy bunny. I have not been a happy bunny. Between a grouchy baby and a sticky cold (this is finally on its way out – my resting heart rate is dropping again), it’s been challenging.

Emo baby was emo. And probably needs a t-shirt with ‘EMO’ written on it for days like this.

But, I keep reminding myself, this is better than the alternatives. 90% of people who are not vaccinated will get measles. 1-3 in 1000 of them will develop measles encephalitis (which, even now, has a 10-15% mortality rate). This is what killed Olivia Dahl, Roald Dahl’s daughter, when she was seven. She’s buried in the churchyard of the church N & I married in, and there’s a statue in her memory in the church. And it was all avoidable: they didn’t vaccinate in the UK back then (one year later, an effective vaccine was introduced), but they did have something in the US which worked. Olivia’s little brother, Theo, was given gamma globulin, which was effective. There wasn’t enough for Olivia and her sister as well. It’s heartbreaking.



One thought on “MMR

  1. It is totally heartbreaking. It is also so selfish- over the years I have taught children that have had medical conditions that mean they can’t be immunised, and they rely on herd immunity. It is terrible that now we can’t consider ourselves to be measles free any more because of some scare stories, and that there are children who are now endangered because of the actions (or inaction) of others.
    Glad the cold is finally on the move.

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