We slept in today

We didn’t mean to – LK was going through a phase of waking at 5am. She’s now apparently in a phase of sleeping in until gone 7am. Which is great: except when Daddy needs to get up with enough time to get the train which leaves at 7am and is relying on LK as an alarm clock…Today there just wasn’t enough LK cuddles before it was time to leave for nursery (a scant 10 minutes after she was up. We were late. We also skipped teeth cleaning and vitamins. Bad Mummy wanted cuddles more than clean teeth).

We have been a house of chest infections, upset tummies, generalised exhaustion and a lack of running. The Basingstoke Half was nice to run, but on the way home I realised I was seven minutes slower across the course than last time I ran it. Of course, last time I ran it, I wasn’t up feeding a ravenous baby at 4am…but for some reason, I beat myself up over this greatly. Then entered Tallinn marathon because I’ve failed to get into London again, and I can’t face training and trying to fundraise simultaneously but I want to try for a sub-4 hour marathon. Of course, this means that N can’t pace me (per the original plan made two years or so ago), because he’ll be wrangling LK. Unless we invite friends to come with us. Which seems unlikely.

On the plus side, it does mean we’ll get to go away for a bit…

On the minus side, we’ll have hideousness at the borders. Mind you. That assumes that Brexit actually happens by then. It’s dragging on, with masses of disagreement on all sides. I took LK into London on Saturday to join the People’s Vote march. She wanted cuddles most of the way round, we bailed at St James’s Street (by that point she was back in the buggy) and she finally fell asleep (having missed the usual nap window) by the time we were level with the Royal Academy. We had six children with us in total, joined a couple of friends briefly, bringing us up to 8 small people (our friends were collecting autographs from different European Nationals – we managed to supply Denmark and Sweden), and enjoyed the sunshine, the good-naturedness of the protest, and all the blue flags. Everyone else’s toddler managed to nap during the march. LK was just dropping off and someone made a speech through a loudhailer, and that was that for napping for about an hour and a half. Far too much to look at, see, get grumpy about, and be distracted by. We waved at Stanley Johnson and prodded Sam West in the nose.

Then we saw more friends: somehow I managed to meet up with everyone whom I’d wanted to try and meet up with, which is amazing considering how many different people were involved. Of course, I was too busy meeting and trying to arrange meeting to actually take any photos. So it goes.