Damnit. Costumes at nursery are neverending in the winter.

We’ve had Halloween. LK was ill, so didn’t get to wear her ‘I am an apple’ costume – which was all the green clothes she possesses, with a knitted hat (green stash yarn) and a felt ‘Granny Smith’ label sewn onto her dress. I wanted her to be comfortable, rather than swathed in nylon. Plus, I object to buying something that’ll only be worn once. Total additional outfit cost to me: 50p.

Then we’ve had Children in Need. LK is at nursery full time. There were two dress up days that week. Day 1 was pyjama day. Nice and easy, could send her in wearing the night before’s pyjamas, and a pair of bunny socks with rattles in the toes. She was rather taken with the socks, and apparently spent some time wiggling her feet to make them rattle. All hand-me-downs. Nice and cheap. The second dress up day – I sent her in wearing her apple costume. And shoved some money in the box.

Next week, we have Elf Day, in aid of Alzheimer’s. Off comes the Granny Smith label from the green dress. On goes a felt collar (leftover from making felt poppies with the Guides) and a belt (had to buy some brown felt. Had some yellow felt leftover from making Zombie Duckies at Towersey Festival about 10 years ago). Bells to go onto some random red slipper shoes that someone passed on to us (had to buy the bells. Couldn’t find bells). Currently knitting another hat from stash yarn, onto which a bell will be sewn. I feel we cannot have too many bells. She’ll wear her red longsleeve vest and her Christmas Tights (more handmedowns) Additional cost £2.75. Plus the charity contribution. Took about an hour to sew everything on, plus the time to detour to Hobbycraft in town when I was buying the veg for the week (I like to get in on my compressed day, so I can get veg that isn’t swathed in plastic bags).

The week after it’s Christmas Jumper Day. She’s got a red knitted jumper with a star knitted into it. A handmedown, which fits. I may add some sparkly pompoms from Poundland if I’m feeling energetic. Christmas Elf hat again. May as well. Additional cost is thus £1 for the pompoms.

But, just think. If I’d had to buy costumes because I wasn’t able to adapt? And buy a Christmas Jumper this year (I will admit, I swooped in Sainsbury’s just before Christmas when they had their epic reductions and Christmas clothes were £1-£3 instead of £5-15, and bought up Christmas Gear for nursery, but it’s definitely of the grow-into variety, and she’ not grown-into yet. She’s not in 18-24 months, but I suspect it’ll fit her next year. Hope so.)? I know we’re lucky: we have enough to be able to send her to nursery and have extras easily. What if nursery was taking pretty much all my salary, and she was in there simply so I could keep my job going?

And, quite apart from everything else: just trying to assemble all of this, however one is trying to assemble it, is an additional task that I could really do without. Would it not be possible to make cardboard elf accessories at nursery for them to wear? We got just over a week’s notice about that one. Halloween we had rather more time…and most kids will have a costume for trick or treating anyhow (I keep seeing one little girl in her witch’s outfit at nursery. She’s evidently very fond of her sparkly black and purple regalia!).

Why does charity have to involve buying stuff from big businesses?




Can’t think of a title

I fear I’m turning into a proud Mummy blog.

LK can

  • Sing the tune to the Wheels on the Bus
  • Tell us she is a ‘Goo Gir’
  • Toddle about with a walker, and steer the walker, and do an about turn with the walker
  • Stab food with a fork and get it into her mouth if the food plays ball (watching her eat a teacake with this method was rather fun)
  • Enjoy olives
  • Enjoy curry
  • Ignore bananas, strawberries, satsumas (why? Other kids go mad for the things!)
  • Do little dances
  • Stack her stacky pots
  • Persuade Daddy to read ‘Spot Goes to the Farm’ several times in a row
  • Rummage in the Lego without eating it
  • Sort shapes into my old shape sorter

She’s not been a well bunny – she got a really nasty chest infection and the first antibiotics didn’t fix it, but the second did. However, by that point, it had such a bad hold that we ended up at the out of hours, only to discover that despite her running about the waiting room (holding onto Mummy), her sats were at 85…which concerned everyone. The doctor says we need to keep a close eye on her. We’ve bought an O2 sats monitor in panic. She was fine after 3 days of oxygen. Mummy? Less so. It’s taken a week for me to recover my equilbirum and zest for parenting. I was getting worried that I was getting hit with a depressive episode and retreating into a bit of a shell world. I appear to be moving out of it with the help of using the CBT techniques, acknowledging where I’d got to, and lots of support from N. He really is wonderful. Talking really does make a difference. Realising that it’s all going to heck in a handcart and doing something about it takes energy. And, frankly, after that period of being ‘on’, when I was able to be ‘off’, I was really rather ‘off’. It’s hard not to veer too far in the wrong direction sometimes.