Make do and mend

I’ve done some more darning, this time on a much loved and much mended sweater. It’s beginning to be more dark than sweater at this stage in its life. But there is plenty of life left in it yet.

Sweater darn

The darn in the middle of the photo is the one we’re most interested in. There’s something so satisfying about a good darn.

I do need to fess up a bit of a failure. I marshalled at the wonderful Trionium Leith Hill Half on Saturday: I was meant to run it, but after a short, sharp bout of pneumonia about a month ago, I made the sensible decision to marshal instead. There was no way I’d be fit and strong enough to run. But, in addition to my cooked breakfast after the duty was done, I did pick up my tech top. So, while I didn’t exactly buy it this year, as I had paid for it when I entered last year, I do have a new top.

I may also have bought LK some ballet shoes for dancing on Saturday mornings. I have plans to make her a nifty heavy metal tutu from some black net I’ve got kicking about.

Diddy shoes!

In my defence, they are slight seconds. The glue sort of escaped. And she will have no idea. And they are too cute.