LK doesn’t like bananas. Unless mashed up in custard. I don’t have the knack of that.

In this turbid time, while I panic over feeding my aged parentals, I give you snippets of good news (I think we have the food covered bar meat, as their local butcher is shutting for the duration. Trying to get an online order is a full time job in and of itself).

  • LK did a tiny wee on the potty this morning.
  • I was correct as to why my code failed, but woefully dumb at locating the problem.
  • I finished a sweater, using yarn bought just after 7/7.
  • I (bad) bought a pair of cycling shorts new in case of total lockdown.
  • The park is empty when we go for exercise.
  • I have lost the last of the baby weight.
  • We have seen an eagle, lots of robins, a long tailed tit, some thrushes and magpies in the park.
  • LK wore 8 bibs at once this afternoon.
  • LK can recognise yellow. And say circle.