So much for London

L started a cough over the weekend, and spent an awful lot of time pursuing a Covid-19 test. Other L found herself overwhelmed by work, and K was losing her voice (a cold? Too much talking? Who could say?) so we had a Zoom call instead, enjoyed ourselves far too much despite an extremely reluctant LK resisting bedtime with every inch of her being (I had to start the call, then go and be a milk bar, which wasn’t my intention – but after half an hour of concerted yelling, frankly, you’ll do almost anything to just calm things down. Hurrah for the Terrible Twos. They’re called that for a reason). So, we had a lovely time on Zoom, and it was almost as good as seeing everyone face to face, and vastly cheaper.

On the plus side, after several trips to Halfords, in anticipation of going to London and avoiding the Tube, I do have a functional bicycle. With unworn brake cables, a clean chain, and a back tyre which isn’t flat. No idea where I’m going to ride it now, mind you, except, perhaps, to Guides on a Thursday. If I’ve not got too much clobber to carry. And it’s not cancelled owing to Covid-19. My risk assessment is currently a thing of beauty with the District Commissioner, and will hopefully pass muster. Then I’m working out how to do Mixology badge in a Covid-19 safe manner, so that we can get more girls finished on their theme awards.

I am also avoiding screens in the evening. By the time LK is down for the night, and we’ve had our supper, and I’ve dealt with the laundry, then it’s 8.30pm, and I need to go to bed an hour later…

On the plus side, I’ve been tipping food dye into the lavatory cisterns this lunchhour. Only one actually has a leak, to go with the two dripping taps in the bathroom. I’m hoping that N will manage to contact the plumber today (I don’t have his number).