Muddy, muddy….

Yesterday’s feet, after 4 miles…

 And today’s were a repeat performance, but I honestly can’t see the point in taking another picture of them!


You can see where I paused to tie my shoelaces (both shoes came undone at different points), where I had a little stop in the middle for a gel and to just gaze around a bit, and where I decided to push for PBs on the the segments I know about near the end (nowhere close…I was off by about 20 seconds on one, and 7 on the other).

But, it was much better than 10 miles on the same route last week:


I’m still a bit erratic – but I’m much better when it’s not raining, and hailing, and windy at the same time. And, I think erratic comes slightly with the territory – two railways to cross, a road, and lots of dog walkers and puddles. Still. I think I could try to get better at running more smoothly.

Tomorrow, I shall have my first interval training session with an actual real live coach. I joined Serpentine Runners just before New Year (about as close as I got to a new year’s resolution. The other vague resolutions I have involve going to bed at 10pm on a school night and remembering to do exercises to strengthen core and glutes). I am a bit nervous. But, I’ve been to enough new things of this ilk to know that, generally speaking, they are fine. I’ve only had one really bad experience when joining something new – and that was more due to lack of communications than anything else (it was 15 years ago. No sense in going into it now).

I do still have an epic to-do list

  • budget for Brownie Holiday
  • Sort out Leaders in Training
  • Sort out New Leaders
  • Put Christmas Cards into Spreadsheet (I like to make sure I actually send cards where I’ve received. If I don’t keep track, I will forget someone)
  • Thank you letter to Japanese Mummy
  • Letter Guide Captain
  • Weigh parcels so I can do postage online
  • Check that Ikea do, indeed, make spare shelves for Billy Bookcases. Order these and the CD shelf to be delivered (by the time we’ve driven there, had lunch there, and bought stuff we didn’t need, I reckon it works out the same).
  • Assemble and print photos for photo frame to go into Dining Room
  • Measure up chair pads for the gorgeous chairs my cousins gave us, which used to belong to a Great Uncle and Aunt.
  • Knit maternal birthday present
  • Pack bag for tomorrow. Assemble supper.
  • Pack bag for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.
  • Hem study curtains

Actually, by my standards, that is not epic. What have I forgotten? Ideas?

Here. Have a pair of pairs of socks.



Timing. It’s everything

I started a cold on Wednesday night. I haven’t had one since February. This has rendered me prone for the past two days (I managed a shower yesterday as I felt so grimy). Today I managed to get up and drop off an overdue parcel. I am now having a recuperative sit down and looking at the lovely flowers N bought me to help me feel better.

I have a new Wes Anderson film to watch, Bottle Rocket, and the documentary Iris, which is about Iris Apfel, a 93 year old Style Maven, whom I read about in Stylist mag. I popped into the CEX on the way back from dropping off the parcel. Yes, I should have asked N to drop it off but I wanted to get some air in my tubes. I am now wobbly as anything and slightly regretting the excursion. Why is the common cold so debilitating?

N is at the new house. He’s met the decorator, is fitting the router, measuring for the fridge, and has moved his car to the garage (priorities!). I am trying to muster interest for lunch other than a Pumpkin Spice Latte. After that, I intend to

  • Wrap L’s birthday present
  • Sort out tax return documents Started. Three are in the mail…also, it transpires I’ve not done any filing for about a year. I am surrounded with bank statements now so, a late entry to The List arrives below.
  • File bank statements and the like.
  • Collect up gift aid documentation
  • Take the laundry off the racks It’s still a bit damp. I’ve put the heating on
  • Maybe put it away
  • Follow up New Leaders. Follow up New Leaders’ references that are outstanding by actually direct emailing the referees.
  • Collapse and knit

This may be ambitious of me. Here. Have a photo of my Color Affection in progress. And the most recently completed socks.



The list is threatening to overwhelm. It’s been a busy fortnight: I’ve only been in for one evening in the past two weeks. Tonight I shall be in as well (and I’ve just twigged I’ve no idea what to do about supper. My suggestion of pasta and pesto got shot down at speed).

So. I shall write my list here, as well as in my notebook, in an effort to begin to regain control. There comes a point when one has to cease sallying along and knuckle down to it, after all.

  • visit church
  • Print photos for thank you note
  • Collect prescription
  • Write letter to chase up division silverware, post recorded delivery found letter. Need to print it. This is a whole new challenge.
  • Send email about division social
  • Write cards in preparation for Volunteer Week ongoing
  • Send email about rota for recruitment stall in July
  • Send 3 BBB badges to R
  • Buy new uniform polo shirt
  • Organise champagne for hotel probably best done when I actually arrive at said hotel….
  • Organise a social for Tuesday unit started off by setting up a poll about what people would like to do on Facebook.
  • Hen party challenge badge write up and design delegated design to N.
  • Chase up payments for badges sold on facebook
  • Embroider hair things
  • Sort out notices
  • Laundry
  • Change Sheets
  • Tidy flat (now rather full since we sold N’s place)
  • Hoover flat (there was a saga with the hoover repair, and I was hoover-less for about three weeks.)
  • Deal with hoover saga as per instructions from Trading Standards (at least we had a lovely new hoover on the wedding list. I am so very, very, very lucky that I am in a position where the loss of a hoover is not costing me money, thanks to PayPal dispute resolution, just time – because I still don’t have my original Henry hoover back and need to pursue this). Oooh! Notification that hoover will be returned via myHermes arrived on Friday. Not sure if it’s repaired or not, but, frankly, do not care as long as hoover still vaguely works. Company claims to be in receivership as of Sunday…and that no refunds will happen. Company ceased trading two weeks ago. It’s all faintly fishy.
  • Put spare hoover part on eBay Will do this if the whole hoover, including spare part, comes back – or the hoover never returns.
  • Put Revlon Nail Kit Thing on eBay
  • Parkrun
  • Hen Party
  • Update finances
  • Council Tax

Less shattered for a run

It’s so often the way – although this run was hard work, I do feel better for it (10 miles, up and down hills, I think I’ve had 5 and a half hours sleep, mostly because I didn’t go to bed early enough). Much less work than the half marathon last weekend, which was harder work than the previous weekend’s half marathon. There was a 5 second difference between the time it took me to run both half marathons. Half #2 was also run in full sunlight (so, instead of an air temp of about 10-12 degrees, it was closer to 20), and had the most incredibly evil hill at the end, which really did slow me down. More water required.

The nicest thing about a long run is the shower afterwards. Followed by the cup of tea. Getting rid of the sweat, the salt and the mud, and being squeaky clean, to the dulcet tones of Graham Norton solving other peoples problems and being enjoyably waspish as he reads out the dedications. We may no longer have Kenneth Williams, but Mr Norton does the trick in a similar manner. You only have to listen to Just a Minute to realise that he’s continuing the tradition of camp shrieking and overexcitability. And, being British, I do rather enjoy some camp shrieking and general overexcitability (I keep buying myself old episodes of Just a Minute on iTunes, and I think I might indulge in some Carry On Films tomorrow while N’s at football).

I have a list. It’s mostly under control.

  • change sheets
  • buy gin for A, who has shifted the timing of getting the decorators in so that I can breathe tonight.
  • Pay in Brownies cash
  • Pay in Cheque
  • Mail Franklin’s hat
  • Register new Rainbows Unit Apparently need the help of our County GO! person.
  • Print letter for One Direction
  • Knit baby sweaters and socks
  • supermarket shop
  • List what I need from the loft for the Brownies trip
  • Start packing for Rome.

I am more than a little nervous about the marathon. So I’m Not Thinking About It.


Tomorrow I shall…

  • write a lovely blog about seeing Book of Mormon and the fabulous restaurant we went to yesterday
  • Print lots of forms for Brownies ice skating
  • Not fall over at skating
  • pay in the coins that I counted at the weekend
  • Send an email about the Big Brownie Birthday event
  • Worry less about Dad (current diagnosis: polymyalgia rheumatica. Let’s hope the steroids kick in. He’s confused by the difference between those and statins. He has four pills to take in different quantities at different times)
  • Pack up the jam and books for wwill

Oh yeah. Remember I said that it would be DRAMA!!!! who popped up on Facebook next? Guess who made a friend request about a week ago…  How predictable.


Here. Have a picture of a sunrise…

Today, I have been for a run, helped run a store for the Brownies and Guides at a Christmas fair (we made £44.10!) and managed to count the money in my piggybank (enough for the yarn I bought by accident in November). I’ve also, finally, filled in the gift aid forms for the Brownies, and finally done an ID check on someone who’s been trying to sort out the relevant ID for her DBS check since April. Hurrah for Council Tax!


I may yet achieve some knitting. Other things that need doing

  • Sort out Division hoodies Now have the printing company
  • Sort out the photos from Chicago
  • Sort out the division email list, chase up leaders who are ‘division leaders’ but have not done any leading for quite some time. Send Christmas email
  • Email everyone to ask if they’d like to come ice skating (and skate tying) with the Brownies on Friday
  • Do the risk assessment for skating
  • Assemble forms for church Now have the last document, so can do this!
  • Change sheets
  • 10 mile run
  • Christmas shopping with N
  • Supermarket
  • Letter N’s Dad (print photos)

But, right now it’s 9pm. I think I’m going to concentrate on the knitting aspect. And then head to bed (N’s out on with the band. There is beer involved).


Ah the irony

I’ve been looking forward to today, as an oasis of calm, one that doesn’t need to involve people (the checkout cashier aside), and a day to just have some Time to Myself for ages.

So what do I actually want today?

People. Distractions. Interactions. The human brain is a very weird beast.

What I’m going to do is write a list. In an effort to focus my brain (I’m definitely lacking focus), I shall first remind myself of what I’ve achieved this weekend. Then decide what still needs to be achieved before I go to yoga. I gave up on the concept of an ashtanga class today. I’m going to head to relaxation yoga instead. And then, come home, and, in all likelihood, be de-relaxed by yet another long and involved phone call with my Mother. N has been either at his, or at a rehearsal this weekend, and I miss him. The bed is All Wrong.

So. Acheivements, in no particular order:

  • Hill training, 12 mile x-country type run (possible in London if you dodge round Hampstead Heath. I had a lovely time. It wasn’t fast, but it was interesting). Found a split in my camelbak, mended it with duck tape. I am trying to save money.
  • Manned a stall to try and recruit some more Brownies and Guides at a local festival. It was not the most productive of days, but we did make some nice bracelets.
  • Went to a hen party that restored my faith in hen parties. We had dinner at Spaghetti House, and That Was It. It was quite, quite, lovely.  The wedding is going to be a two day spectacular (Nigerian and English ceremonies) to make up for this.
  • Did the food shop
  • Found the forms in the shed that need shredding. Discovered two potential locations for Brownie units.
  • Packed the craft stuff for Towersey festival, and put lots of camping equipment in the shed.
  • Threw away a tent, and a bag of dead leaves
  • Threw away the yoghurt (going weird, so I’ll start a new batch next week), some revolting tomatoes and half a bag of salad that was trying to form its own political system.
  • Three loads of laundry
  • Supermarket shop

Yet to happen

  • Pack my clobber for Towersey (this may happen on Tuesday while N is watching something-or-other at the Prince Charles Cinema that I’ve no desire to see)
  • hang up all the laundry
  • Find some decent washcloth patterns and start knitting them
  • Shred the forms
  • Revisit the Brownies accounts prior to handover, and also to check my arithmetic (got a cheque amount incorrect)
  • Contact all the division leaders and find out if they still want this role/to be involved in guiding at all (some have been a bit reticent in volunteering to do anything. Most have been superb).
  • Pay H for books
  • Find a box to mail C’s flowers in
  • Continue the intrepid fox, and, at the very least, make some sort of effort to tidy the craft corner
  • Take iron pill and vitamin pill
  • Print some more zombie templates just in case Cannot locate the card.

I’d better get on with it. If I leave it much llo

A list! A list!

  • 9 mile run
  • buy N’s birthday present from my parents’ half done
  • Thank you card APs for saucepans
  • thank you card S poetry book
  • mail asthma app study forms (
  • Get Christmas presents Japanese GS Leaders, so I can mail surface
  • Find the link of my goddaughter’s photos and send to Mum
  • Mail Dad’s forgotten notebook
  • Brownies accounts (camp, tie up year end)
  • frame pictures N
  • Food shop can be done on way back from N’s. Cool.
  • Launder sheets
  • Email S, Email C re playschemes
  • Take clothes & nametapes to C to sew on. And posters for her to put up (she’s unemployed, and climbing the walls at home).
  • Division Constitution
  • Finish H’s birthday present (slightly stymied by the cleaner moving everything that I needed for it to the other side of the room). Buy card. Wrap everything
  • head to H’s stitch & bitch, then onto N’s, and thus to a clear out of the spare room.
  • Insure ring
  • Other things as I think of them.

It’s still warm. I’m still too warm. My engagement ring has gone to be resized as it’s just too small, particularly with everything swelling in the heat. Come winter, it’s bound to end up too big.  However, half way through last week, it was so tight that it was digging in and leaving a mark akin to the type one normally gets with knicker elastic in a different area of one’s anatomy. This was not the case with any other of my rings (I have two others which I wear daily). I feel slightly bereft without it. N says that it doesn’t make me any less engaged (he’s right) as, really, it’s a symbol. But, damnit, it’s a very important symbol as far as I’m concerned. I miss it. I miss him (I can’t wait to see him tonight). And I am loving being engaged, and doing bijou wedding planning. And saving up.

I locked myself out yesterday morning. It took two hours to get back in again, as Eff didn’t have the spare keys anymore (she now does) and N was in Bas (so two hours away) and I had to get a locksmith (ouch). On the plus side, considering I locked myself out sans phone, I think I did very well indeed to go into the police station and ask to borrow theirs to phone Eff, and then used hers to phone N. The value of learning a handful of numbers by heart. Locksmiths are not good when one is saving up.