What a nice birthday present

I think Thing1 has got hiccups. It feels like something’s blowing mud bubbles in there…bloop. Bloop. Blup. Bloop.

Add in that I’ve managed to get in touch with my cousin for the first time in about 16 years AND we are hoping to meet up.

I rather like 39 so far.



Sorry, where was I?

Half-way through…we’re over half way there (the 20 week scan was ‘normal’. Which didn’t stop me fretting over various numbers. As one does). Only another 26 weeks of blood thinners. Only another 26 weeks of bruises. The worst two things of the whole pregnancy have been the injections/bruises from the blood thinners (shifted to thighs from tummy) and the nosebleeds. The challenge to my digestion comes close: I am obsessed with getting enough fibre. It’s just so uncomfortable when I don’t.

Those latter? They come out of nowhere. They last anything between 2 minutes and 40 minutes (the latter was a bit challenging, and I was beginning to wonder if I needed to go to hospital, and who could take me, because I couldn’t drive and couldn’t see a taxi being terribly keen to contain me and my uncontained bodily fluids). And you can’t do anything other than sit and hold onto a tissue and pray it stops for the duration. Really, really frustrating. And then there’s several hours of being too scared to blow a rather blocked nose, just in case it starts up again. I can’t be any fun to sleep near at the moment. The snorting and snuffling must be utterly absurd.

Much more fun is the odd tickle from inside (anterior placenta. I don’t feel much going on here), and I *think* Thing1 had hiccups on Saturday morning. Or I had an oddly located twitch. I’m not entirely sure which – but I was quite amused with my hand on my belly for a bit. It’s definitely a bump. It’s definitely a low slung bump. And it definitely grows during the day, which is every so slightly weird in a cool sort of way.  You’d think by now it would stop taking me by surprise. No chance. I suspect such a drastic change in shame in such a short space of time is going to be surprising.

My attention span is that of a gnat. That’s what I was going to write at the beginning of this. Add in appalling nights’ of not-sleep, and the abstention from caffeine, and it’s quite impressive that I’m managing anything much. There’s quite a lot of rest, but not always as much sleep as anyone would like. And many things take about three times as long to achieve as they used to. On a good day.

But. Yanno. Izza bump. Wot tickles from the inside. *GRINS*


Does your bump sit low?

Can you dance it to and fro?

Can you top it with a knot?

Can you top it with a bow?

Can you take it down to Dover like a regimental soldier?

Does your bump sit low?

(have finally succeeded in winning a pair of maternity jeans on eBay. This took several attempts. It’s a cut-throat world out there, people).

In other news, today is a gym day. Hurrah! 35 minutes on the stationary bike, 20 minutes on the treadmill on an incline (brisk walking). So about an hour with my Kindle. I’ve read an awful lot recently. The Millenium Trilogy (finally), Sarah Millican. Mary Russell (love those, have to ration myself). And I’m about to embark on Auslander’s ‘Hope’.

(For once, the mirror space wasn’t blocked by people admiring themselves while doing complicated stretches or situps!)


It’s definitely a bump

Boom! Thing1 has bust forwards this week. It’s quite exciting!

Had a lovely time last night having a live link up with our Guides and some Girl Scouts in California. I have always wanted to do Thinking Day on the Air, and now I’ve managed it. Next week is pretty much my last week at Brownies in London. The travelling is all getting too much and I have other priorities. I’ve got a unit lined up nearer home, which sounds a bit more old fashioned but also doesn’t involve doing the admin. We’ll see how it pans out.

Right now I’m on the bike in the gym. It’s such a lovely day for a run, but I’ve left that to N who completed Tokyo marathon in 3:40:03. Next stop… London. He’s running for Girlguiding. Is it cheeky to ask for some sponsorship, please?


And, after all that sartorial angst…

Bump bands. I would say they’re life enhancing. Everything is covered, no more flashing, I feel quite secure and the extra layer is great in this cold. Between that, and the hairband buttonhole extender, I am decent and sanguine.

And so stretchy too! It is such a relief to have clothes that are vaguely comfortable again. And which sort of fit again. Without having to go shopping or get things delivered.

Today’s excitement is a mystery appointment. Could be the consultant OB. Could be the anti-coagulant clinic. Might walk to the hospital. It’s cold, but I have a coat designed for that sort of thing.


Oh now, this is ridiculous

Today’s excitements

1. Largest bra too tight (have bought bra extenders). Really cannot face buying any more bras, even secondhand on eBay. This one has apparently lasted a week before becoming too small. Will have to investigate less cantilevered bras with more room for manoeuvre. Feel like Dolly Parton crossed with Pamela Anderson. But less glamourous.

2. Maternity jeans fall down (tried braces. Loo trips turned into epics of contortion and the braces kept pinging off, which they never did on my skiing trousers). Have bought bump bands, as the hairband trick on the pre-maternity jeans merely results in my flashing the world my underpants unless I’ve managed to find a long enough top. I don’t have many of those… I think said maternity jeans are a size too big (hand-me-down from my SiL). Bit more bump, and they’ll be fine. In the meantime, I may just flash the world…

3. Is it really healthy to eat an entire tub of Dairylea in one sitting? Because I really, really, really want to do that. I have tried drinking half a pint of skimmed milk, and it’s just not quite hitting the spot. I’ve had half the tub. Some of it made it onto toast! And it does have way fewer calories in it than a McDonald’s milkshake. But, then again, most things do.

4. N is in Japan. I had the whole bed to myself, and had one of the better night’s sleep I’ve had in a while. I don’t think this is entirely coincidence. I still had to get up (hello bladder!) but I didn’t wake up as much.

5. Blood thinning injections produce smaller bruises, and do less bleeding, if you stick a can of pop on them afterwards. Then you can drink the pop (apple juice and fizzy water), and that takes the edge off the whole experience. The closer an injection is to your belly button, the more it hurts. Alas, this was the only spot on the correct side that didn’t have a bruise on it. Fortunately, wfh means I can wail and be a total drama llama as much as I like, because no-one will hear.

6. I think I need to go to the loo for the third time this hour. All together now, for the wee-wee song (to the tune of ‘My Darling Clementine’)

Need a wee-wee (x3)

Need a wee.

Need a wee-wee (x3)

Need a wee.

And on that note…



I have just put on a bra which is a 34D, and it is vaguely comfortable (yesterday’s 34C was suddenly too small and everything was squished in. The pain on removal was Not Fun. Usually removing a bra is a blessed relief, right?).

I never really understood why some women have breast augmentation. I understand even less now. This is not comfortable. I was a 30C/32B (depended on brand…there is such variation in these things that one has to be measured). I am beginning to wonder if I will ever wear my pre-pregnancy bras again. So many lovely pretty things – because I didn’t really change size throughout my adult life, so I amassed quite the collection, including some choice items from Rigby and Peller.

I have three bras which fit now. Last week, I had five (thank you TK Maxx and Ebay). I am beginning to have enough stock to open a secondhand bra emporium.

On the plus side, I have finished a scarf and a baby surprise jacket (need to photo the latter), and N helped me wind some rather glorious pure silk yarn for a scarf. I also have a rather lush cardigan kit from Unravel. It has a cunning design which will accommodate a bump (I have one of those too) and I am girding myself to knit a medium rather than a small….

My bust is 5 inches larger than it was at the beginning of this adventure. I have never known my body shape change quite so quickly and, my goodness, it is throughly disconcerting. And not the most comfortable of experiences. It is all to the good, but I don’t have to enjoy buying bras, right?