As suspected

It doesn’t matter how intense an office job is: looking after a baby is much more tiring. On the other hand, the giggles and smiles are much more rewarding. And you’re highly unlikely to find yourself going through three different teams and three different managers in the space of six months. I mean, I had one good and lovely manager on my first keep in touch day in September. A new team and manager (equally good and lovely) by my second keep in touch day in November. And a third team and manager by Monday of this week. Which makes my fourth team in the space of 3 years, and my fifth manager. On the plus side, I’m on the same team as someone who was on my first team, I’ve worked with most of my new team and like them all, and my new manager seems like a lovely chap (although I suspect he probably doesn’t support Spurs like the last two did).

It is a bit disconcerting, though, all this change. And I seriously, seriously need to get on top of powershell when I go back to work properly in April.

Running is going well. The snow last week made for a few treadmill sessions, but the last two runs have been outside in fog and rain. And the dark. I really dislike running in the dark. Intervals on uneven pavements in dim lighting are not my idea of fun – and it’s hard to get motivated after supper too (and not fair on N to delay supper for ages while I run). But: it seems to be getting easier. I managed a sub 9 minute mile for the first time in well over a year, albeit slightly hill assisted. I am Getting There.

Yes. A chocolate fountain on the fridge. I think I need a 40th birthday partay with a chocolate fountain, don’t you?



I rather miss writing

I used to write more here. I used to write longer posts, more frequent posts, better posts. Posts which weren’t thrown out at high speed simply to remember that I exist somewhere on the interwebs.

I’ve got a running coach now: the same brilliant lady, Laura, who ran (with Other Laura) the track sessions on Monday nights in Paddington. I was running my best with those track sessions, and I’m hoping to recapture some of that form on my own, outside a club. Between LK’s bedtimes and being out one night a week for Guides, and working in London one day a week, it’s just not feasible to join a running club at the moment. Heck. It wasn’t even feasible to get to parkrun last week. I slept instead while N amused LK.

LK is the most beautiful baby. She’s starting solid foods (Hello! Banana in my ears!) and making all sorts of bizarre noises. For someone so small, she is very loud. A chatty, happy baby: very little seems to upset her. Other than the parachute at “Movement With Mummy”, where N tells me she cries. This is really weird as she loved the parachute at Baby Yoga. I have missed her while I’ve been at work these past 3 weeks (one more week to go), but it makes the time with her all the sweeter. The 6am feed today was a lovely snuggle in the dark, with a heavy, sated, snoring baby in my arms. There will be photos today, and I’m faintly relieved not to have to listen to the musical Kitty toy. It sounds like it was voiced by Paloma Faith, and its demands to play, and for someone to “roll my ball”, while informing anyone within earshot that it is a “purr machine” are both faintly suggestive and extremely annoying in their cutesiepie squeakiness. LK has no interest in musical Kitty if it isn’t making noises. She has worked out how to turn up the volume. That said, she is also pretty good at turning the pages of a book, so it’s not all about electronic gadgetry.

We still haven’t got her a copy of The Gruffalo (it seems that most of her books are by “the author of The Gruffalo”). We do like a good story. N can even read in Clanger. Her favourite is Tickling Tigers, so she now has her own copy of that. Personally, I’m rather fond of Hugless Douglas. I also rather like having a book lurking in the buggy for out and about emergencies outside the local Starbucks (Starbucks has a book barrel).

There’s been a heap of snow dumped at home. London, I see, as we get closer, is merely soggy. A few flakes failed to settle very much.

It was rather nice to crumple through the snow to the station at 7am. It being crisp and undisturbed enough to really enjoy. Plus, I have yaktrax. This makes it much easier to get a grip on the pavements. I am glad I’m not trying to run it in. Instead, I had a hidjously expensive trip to the gym on Wednesday night. On the plus side, I know how to work the running machine. Including the emergency stop button. It wasn’t safe to run intervals outside on Wednesday night, which was my only option for running. I had to defrost the inside of the car windscreen for heaven’s sake.

Nearly at the station. Let’s see if I can manage to write again next Friday.


Exquisite Torture

The sound of N snoring while LK falls asleep mid-feed at 5am, knowing that maternity leave ends briefly for 4 weeks on Monday and that you get your silver boobies on Sunday.

I mean, talk about mingled emotions… On the one hand, I want to get back to work. On the other, I’ll miss her so much. On the third, it’s lovely for her to have some solid Daddy time but, oh! She’s changing so much right now I have serious FOMO. Plus, I hate pumping and there’s only going to be more of it if I don’t get to feed her myself (I still get to feed outside working hours. It could be worse).

How has it been six months since we welcomed LK into the world? She giggles, she rolls, she can almost sit up totally unaided. She can push her kitty about the floor and her teeth are definitely moving. She chatters and helps to read her books by turning the pages (like me, she loves stories). She more or less sleeps through the night, and she is putting up less of a fight about sleeping in general. She grumbles when she’s hungry or getting tired (usually hungry is the key grumble) and is easily amused by Goo-Giraffe or Caroline Moo-Cow or Moonitorn or Hippomapotomus. Our lives are vastly enriched and we are the luckiest of parents. I mean. We get to hear this lovely noise on a regular basis (taken at about 5am…)


Step One

New strap on the Garmin achieved. Also knocked over a minute off this year’s parkrun PB (and four minutes off last week’s Slowest parkrun Evah). And found the HRM strap. And paired it and shocked myself with my heart rate. Also discovered that the battery charges rather better in a plug than from the laptop. So that postpones the new battery for a while. Total cost: £17.99 including getting the nice man at Timpson’s to replace the strap. I love Timpson’s. They deliberately employ ex-cons to give them jobs where others wouldn’t, and the CEO has fostered hundreds of children with his wife. We don’t have an independent shoemender in our area anyhow, but I love the ethos of this chain and will happily use it. They’re also my preferred place for printing photos of LK.

Step 2, buy new fitbit (the old one totally died last week) also achieved. Somehow I have found an Alta HR for £50 in a pre-Black Friday sale. Given I doubt I’ll find anything cheaper and the cheapest non-HR model I found was the same price…. it is now coming to live with me. And has a swanky indigo leather strap! Both my plastic straps for my Alta had died, so I was down to the metal strap which kept catching on towels.

I suspect Step 3 is “survive Hogback Road Run” in two weeks’ time. It’s a shade over 6 miles. The best I’ve managed so far is 4.5. I’m aiming to get up to 5 miles this week, and maybe 5.5 miles the week after. It’ll be fine. It’s not about racing. It’s about finishing 2018 with a medal and having a bacon butty. And leaving LK for 4 hours or so with Daddy and praying she’ll have some bottle rather than boob (a bit hit and miss of an evening but she won’t starve. She will be angry with me…and that won’t be the last time).

Oooh! I finally managed to photograph the lace scarf I knitted while pregnant: