I miss Em.

I really, really miss Em right now.




Things I am looking forward to in the not too distant future

  • Going more than 24 hours without some sort of nosebleed. The worse are the ones that appear without warning at 3am. They’re inexplicable. It’s not as if I’m moving!
  • Not worrying about how much Thing1 is moving inside me (it gets very sulky if I’m dehydrated. It’s now 4am and I’ve drunk about 3 pints. Thing1 is moving happily. I am awake….and much happier for the moving than I was at 2:30am when I was incredibly thirsty and Thing1 was not moving). Yes. I will worry about Other Things.
  • Cuddles and smiles and yells and smells
  • Not needing to worry about bloodthinner injections, nor remembering to pack the darn things, nor the sting or the mess
  • Maybe managing to eat a meal without throwing it down myself
  • Seeing my feet without taking special measures
  • Having a few days not working where my timetable is my own (the insomnia has been impressive. So have some of the naps).
  • Meeting Thing1 and finding out if they’re really a Drag Queen Superhero as I suspect (I have promised tap shoes if there’s no further movement panics….)


Story of my attempts to nap

Kicky, kicky, kick, kick.

No. I will not apologise for giving you an ear worm. My GP signed me off work for the week so that I can try and sleep before the last two weeks of work and the last push towards Thing1 arriving. And all this kicky kicky is very reassuring. If exhausting. Clever Thing1. Auditioning to be a Drag Queen or Harry Kane.

Also. Perineal massage is icky. But, based on initial attempts, probably necessary.


I suppose it was inevitable

Two weekends running away, three days in London this week: and all my plans for the weekend have turned into lying on the sofa watching Teen Mom, Mama June and (now I’ve finally rehydrated and gotten into a sitting position, The Assassination of Gianni Versace. So many episodes of things to catch up with.

Meanwhile, N has finally started to empty out the stuff that has been sitting in the spare-spare room (henceforth known as Thing1’s room) for the last two and a bit years. This is long overdue. He has found his Nan’s elephant and we now have it on display. I like having small, special things like that out. It gives continuity. I also like pictures and embroderies (must actually put some of those up properly). I had such plans: gardening. Organising. Printing. There is time enough tomorrow and next weekend. Today, though, we need to recharge. Thing1 sulked all morning but seems happier and more active for my hydrating and resting. Heck. I feel a bit happier. I don’t feel like I’m being lazy. I feel like I needed this.Happy me makes for a happy Thing1. Xxxx

Another silly song

To “You are my Sunshine”

You are my bumpford, my little bumpford,

You make me happy, when skies are grey.

You’ll never know bump, how much I love you.

Let’s sing and dance today.

(That said, too much dancing and a glass of prosecco sent Thing1 to sleep at last week’s wedding. So it’s more of a gentle sway than a dance…)


He did it!

Hottest London Marathon evah (seriously. Today is so much better for running!) 3:38:34, so faster than he ran Tokyo or Boston. And that shiny 6 star medal.

I discovered I can still just about jog (I don’t recommend it at 6 months) in order to get myself to the 400m to go point (and I saw him! And he heard me!).

And then there were burgers. So proud.