It’s taking over. Between running the Friday night Brownies (only one more week) and running the Division, I’ve only got one free evening this week that isn’t Guiding related. Obviously, I’ll go morris dancing…because that’s a totally sensible use of a free evening! Besides, it’s good aerobic exercise, and an excuse to gossip with friends.

But oh! The Guidemin! Brownie holiday is looming (so all the paperwork for that), it’s the beginning of term (lots of paperwork and settling back in) and then the meeting of people moving down to London and trying to assign them to units. It feels like herding kittens a lot of the time. I’m never quite on top of it. I have So. Many. Lists.

On the plus side, we’ve measured up for curtains in the new place. Chosen a colour for the main bedroom: I discovered that the (non-functional) fireplace in the corner still has the original tiles in front of it. Moreover, these tiles had been painted over in iron grey, to match the fireplace paint. Underneath, they are a GLORIOUS enamel blue, similar to Delft pottery. I’m thoroughly excited, and planning to clean off the paint, and have the “feature” wall of the bedroom in a similar shade of blue. This will match our current mis-matched bedside tables, and gives me something to work with curtain-wise, and blind-wise. I’m also thrilled that most of the curtain rails were left behind. I can skip pelmets. Mum made most of our curtains and pelmets as I was growing up, and the pelmets always appeared to be vastly more stressful, despite involving less material.

Running is lovely. I wish this morning (5 miles, mizzly weather) had been a tad faster – my legs felt heavy after the weekend and not *quite* enough sleep. I also think that the calf compression thingies slow me down: has anyone else felt this? Should I have gone for the slightly larger size? I was on the cusp, measurement-wise, and they do feel if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow: six miles. Gently. Hurrah!



Slow morning

In fact, I think I recorded my slowest parkrun ever. 29 minutes! It was damp and mizzly, and, on the jog up to the start, I needed the inhaler, and, I decided “this is not worth having an asthma attack over” – damp and mizzly being a trigger “I’m just going to run gently, and enjoy it, and test out my calf-compression-skins”. So I did. They are wonderful compression things. The calf was most happy for the whole run (all those hills). I shall wear them tomorrow too.

Tomorrow I may push a bit more enthusiastically for “the last long run before the marathon”. I’m of two minds how far to go. I’m erring towards 18 miles at the moment, rather than 20 (i.e. not going to visit Prince Albert in his memorial). We shall see. If I sleep properly tonight, I’ll go for 20. Last night was a bit abysmal, sleep-wise. I was so incredibly wired after Brownies and Guides (and a pre-Brownies caffeine hit) that I did not settle effectively, and my fitbit informs me that it was one of the more restless nights I’ve had recently. Brownies and Guides were lovely. We did good planning. We made stuff. We played games. They were (mostly, aside from a spot of out-and-out lying) well behaved. They are a nice bunch, and I’ve missed them. I’m at Brownies most Fridays in September. Usual leadership crisis being somewhat worse than normal. BUT, I am meeting new people who can help, so I’m hoping to sort it out by the time the students are back in London.

I’ve nearly finished a pair of socks. And I will post a photo of the broken sock when I’ve mended it.

I have also bought a book purely on the basis that the person reviewing it in Slightly Foxed was very enthusiastic. And we have a guidebook for Berlin. I am determined to get up that Reichstag.


I’m in legs…

Long legs. Long sleeves. A week ago I was still in shorts and a singlet. This is such a shock to the system. I also realised just how uncomfortable, compared to the long legs, and the shorts, most of my capri-length pants are. I think I need to upgrade from the el-cheapo Karrimors. The trick is going to be finding something with a large enough back pocket to hold my inhaler. Any suggestions?

On the plus side, I was nicely cosy. No chilly arms. No chilly legs. A much happier calf muscle (it’s still going to the Lovely Chiropractor to have a needle pushed into it. Then I’m detouring home via Run and Become for some calf-warmers – I have a voucher after buying my most recent trainers!). I may also acquire some longer socks, depending on cost and aesthetics. I rejected the ones in Nike Town last night, on grounds of both cost and aesthetics. I was in the centre of town to meet a potential new Guide Leader (she’s lovely) before morris practice, so I had a little detour. I was underwhelmed.

Anyhow. The early morning, a trip along the canal punctuated by random squirrels collecting nuts, rather than going round the park yet again perked me up nicely and I think I achieved a 1 mile PB of 7:39min. I’m not sure simply because Strava believes my mile PB is 6:47, but that’s based on the BUPA 10K from last year when the GPS went squiffy and added on about 1/4 mile in the middle of The City. I got the bit between my teeth somewhere around mile 5.5, and this, combined with a nice flat bit of canal, a lack of cyclists and dog walkers, and the knowledge that I’d started out far too late and needed to get a wiggle on meant that I kept going at that pace for over a mile. I’m partly proud of myself. And partly worrying that I’m going to feel a need to maintain this sort of thing on a regular basis, rather than once in a blue moon. I’m not supposed to be going for speed. I’m supposed to be going for stamina! There is one more long run (20 miles) before Berlin, and then I taper. I’m getting quite excited about tapering. I’m hoping to stop losing weight (I must buy an avocado to go with my lunch).

Smashing the Mile

Meanwhile, should you require an all female morris dancing side, it looks like I’ll be bookings secretary for the next year.


Today, I wrote an SSIS package with a config file, and a powershell script, and an iSeries connector

And, you know what? On about the fourth attempt, it actually worked.

Then it worked when called from SSIS (rather than BIDS)

Then it worked from the SQL Agent (well, after a little futzing).

Then it worked from a scheduled job called by SQL Agent.

And I’m so pleased that N actually understands what’s meant by all this, as very few other people do.  I’m excited, as it was my first attempt with a config file!  I think I get bragging rights.

Last night was a little easier for folks to understand: a Brownie Pantomime. It was comically wonderful. Cinderella was barefoot throughout, with huge plantive eyes, and some ugly sisters who were the best poseurs ever. Her coach was made of sugar paper, and she could pull it over her head. The Prince’s arrival was announced by a real live trombone in lieu of trumpeters, and the Rainbows sang “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” at half time. There was tea and biscuits beforehand, and everyone got a badge at the end. I made the mistake of wearing my smart shoes, and froze. It was brilliant. The leaders say never, ever, again.

In the meantime, I’ve crossed off two outstanding pieces of Guidemin (which involved posting stuff) and I’ve spilled about 1/2 a litre of water along the platform of the tube station. Saturated my knitting and pattern, and felt very foolish indeed.